Recreational Therapy (BS)

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Select General Education Requirements
Major Requirements
Recreational Therapy Major Core
A. Complete the following:
BMD 251Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BMD 252Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
HS 170First Aid1
KIN 370Basic Motor Learning3
RTH 292Outdoor Recreation-Adventure3
RTH 295Intro to Therapeutic Rec3
RTH 298Practicum in Ther Rec3
RTH 375Mgmt in Therapeutic Recreation3
RTH 395Therapeutic Rec Process (W)3
RTH 397Intergenerational Rec/Wellness3
RTH 465TR Prog Des & Interventions I (see footnote table below) 13
RTH 466TR Prog Des & Interventions II (see footnote table below) 13
RTH 468Facilitation Techniques in TR3
RTH 471Evaluation & Research in HKS-W (see footnote table below) 13
RTH 495Internship in Rec Therapy (see footnote table below) 112
SM 483Issues in HKS (see footnote table below) 13
PSY 340Abnormal Psychology3
B. Select one of the following:
KIN 380Kinesiology3
or KIN 476 Exercise Physiology
C. Select one of the following:
KIN 461PE for Atypical Child-Youth3
or ST 210 Stat Reason and Application
D. Select one from the following:3
KIN 477Water Safety Instructor
KIN 231ARC Lifeguard Training
KIN 166Movement-Rhythms and Dev Act
E. Select one hour from HS, KIN, PE, RTH, or SM1
General Electives
A. Select one from the following:3
CIS 150Intro to Computer Applications
EDM 310Microcomputing Systems
CIS 010Computer Proficiency Exam 0
Minor Requirements
A minor is not required for this degree program
Total Hours73



Required for admission to Candidacy as a prerequisite

General Education Requirements

Area I – Written Composition
A. Complete the following:
EH 101English Composition I 3
B. Complete the following:
EH 102English Composition II 3
Area II – Humanities & Fine Arts
A. Complete the following:
CA 110Public Speaking3
B.Select one of the following: see footnote table below 13
EH 215Brit Lit before 1785
EH 216Brit Lit after 1785
EH 225Am Lit before 1865
EH 226Am Lit after 1865
EH 235World Lit before 1650
EH 236World Lit after 1650
C. Select one of the following:3
ARH 100Survey of Art
ARH 103Art History I
ARH 123Art History II
ARS 101Art Appreciation
DRA 110Introduction to Theatre
MUL 101Introduction to Music
D. Select three hours of the following:3
AFR 101Intro to African Amer Studies
ARH 100Survey of Art
ARH 103Art History I
ARH 123Art History II
ARH 203Survey of Non-Western Art
ARS 101Art Appreciation
CLA 110Intro Anc Greek Roman Culture
DRA 110Introduction to Theatre
EH 215Brit Lit before 1785
EH 216Brit Lit after 1785
EH 225Am Lit before 1865
EH 226Am Lit after 1865
EH 235World Lit before 1650
EH 236World Lit after 1650
LG 101Introductory Latin I
LG 102Introductory Latin II
LG 111Introductory French I
LG 112Introductory French II
LG 121Introductory Chinese I
LG 122Introductory Chinese II
LG 131Introductory Spanish I
LG 132Introductory Spanish II
LG 141Intro Classical Greek I
LG 142Intro Classical Greek II
LG 151Introductory German I
LG 152Introductory German II
LG 153Accelerated Intro German
LG 171Introductory Russian I
LG 172Introductory Russian II
LG 173Accelerated Intro Russian
LG 201Intermediate Latin I
LG 202Intermediate Latin II
LG 211Intermediate French I
LG 212Intermediate French II
LG 213Accelerated Inter French - H
LG 221Intermediate Chinese I
LG 222Intermediate Chinese II
LG 231Intermediate Spanish I
LG 232Intermediate Spanish II
LG 234Inter Spanish Accel -H
LG 241Interm Classical Greek I
LG 242Interm Classical Greek II
LG 251Intermediate German I
LG 252Intermediate German II
LG 271Intermediate Russian I
LG 272Intermediate Russian II
LG 273Intensive Second Year Russian
LGS 101Introductory Japanese I
LGS 102Introductory Japanese II
LGS 106Introductory Arabic I
LGS 107Introductory Arabic II
LGS 110Intro American Sign Language I
LGS 111Intro American Sign Lang II
LGS 171Introductory Korean I
LGS 172Introductory Korean II
LGS 201Intermediate Japanese I
LGS 202Intermediate Japanese II
LGS 206Intermediate Arabic I
LGS 207Intermediate Arabic II
LGS 210Intermediate ASL I
LGS 211Intermediate ASL II
MUL 101Introduction to Music
PHL 110Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 120Critical Thinking
PHL 121Introduction to Logic
PHL 131Introduction to Ethics
PHL 231Social Ethics
PHL 240Western Philosophy: Classical
REL 100Intro to the Study of Religion
REL 200Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
REL 201Survey of the New Testament
Area III – Natural Sciences & Mathematics
A. Select 3-4 hours from the following:3-4
MA 110Finite Mathematics
MA 112Precalculus Algebra
MA 113Precalculus Trigonometry
MA 115Precal Algebra-Trigonometry
MA 120Calculus and Its Applications
B. Select 8-10 hours from the following:8-10
AN 121
Biological Anthropology
and Biological Anthropology Lab
BLY 101
Life Science I
and Life Science I Laboratory
or BLY 121
General Biology I
and General Biology I Lab
BLY 102
Life Science II
and Life Science II Lab
or BLY 122
General Biology II
and General Biology II Laboratory
CH 101
Survey of Inorg and Org Chem
and Survey Inorg-Org Chem Lab
CH 131
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CH 132
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
GEO 101
Environmental Geography
and Environmental Geography Lab
GEO 102
Earth and the Environment
and Earth and the Environment Lab
GY 111
Physical Geology
and Physical Geology Lab
GY 112
Earth History
and Earth History Lab
MAS 134
Ocean Science
and Ocean Science Lab
PH 101
Introduction to Astronomy
and Introduction to Astronomy Lab
PH 104
Concepts of Physics
and Concepts of Physics Laboratory
PH 114
Physics with Algebra-Trig I
and Alg-Trig Based Physics I Lab
PH 115
Physics with Algebra -Trig II
and Alg-Trig Based Physics II Lab
PH 201
Calculus-Based Physics I
and Calculus-Based Physics I Lab
PH 202
Calculus-Based Physics II
and Calculus-Based Physics II Lab
Area IV – History, Social & Behavioral Sciences see footnote table below 1
A. Select one of the following:3
HY 101HY of Western Civilization I
HY 102HY of Western Civilization II
HY 121World Civilization I
HY 122World Civilization II
HY 135US History to 1877
HY 136US History since 1877
B. Complete the following:6
PSY 120Introduction to Psychology
PSY 250Life Span Development
C. Select one of the following:3
AN 100Intro to Cultural Anthropology
AN 101Intro Archaeology-Bio Anthro
ECO 215Prin of Microeconomics
ECO 216Prin of Macroeconomics
GEO 114People, Places, Environment
GEO 115World Regional Geography
HY 101HY of Western Civilization I
HY 102HY of Western Civilization II
HY 121World Civilization I
HY 122World Civilization II
HY 135US History to 1877
HY 136US History since 1877
PSC 130Intro to US Government
SY 109Introductory Sociology
SY 112Social Problems
Area V
A. Complete the following:
KIN 100Concepts of Health and Fitness3
B. Complete the following:
PE 101-PE 1572
Total Hours46-49



Students must complete a 6 credit hour sequence either in literature (Area II – EH 215 & EH 216, EH 225 & EH 226, or EH 235 & EH 236) or history (Area IV – HY 101 & HY 102 or HY 121 & HY 122 or HY 135 & HY 136)


  • The following electives are recommended for Recreational Therapy students, but selections should be made with the advice and approval of the academic advisor:
  • EMS 210, IST 201, KIN 380, PSY 416 (requires PSY 220 as a prerequisite), Courses may serve as prerequisites for OT/PT.

Additional Information

Candidacy – Recreational Therapy

This major contains a professional component (Candidacy) comprised of upper level courses (300-400 levels), as shown on the graduation plan, and are only available to students who have gained admission to Candidacy.

Admission Requirements for Candidacy – Recreational Therapy:

Students should complete a Candidacy application in the CEPS Advising Center (UCOM 3360) the semester before they plan to enroll in Candidacy classes. The advisor, department chairperson, and dean review applications and make the decision to approve, defer, or deny admission. The decision to defer occurs when requirements are in progress at the time of application and reviewers select to defer with approval pending completion of requirements.

Graduation Plan

(120 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EH 101 English Composition I (CP) 3
Fine ArtsArea II, C 1 3
HistoryArea IV, A 1 3
KIN 100 Concepts of Health and Fitness 3
MathArea III, A 1 3
EH 102 English Composition II (CP) 3
CA 110 Public Speaking (CP) 3
ElectiveArea V, C 1 3
RTH 295 Intro to Therapeutic Rec (CP) 3
ScienceArea III, B 1 3
Science LabArea III, B 1 1
Second Year
BMD 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (CP) 4
ScienceArea III, B 1 3
Science LabArea III, B 1 1
LiteratureArea II, B 1 3
RTH 298 Practicum in Ther Rec 3
PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology (Area IV, B) 1 3
BMD 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
Social & Behavioral SciencesArea IV, C 1 3
PE 101-PE 157Area V, B 1 1
PE 101-PE 157Area V, B 1 1
PSY 250 Life Span Development (Area IV, B) 1 3
RTH 292 Outdoor Recreation-Adventure (CP) 3
Third Year
Humanities and Fine ArtsArea II,D 3
RTH 397 Intergenerational Rec/Wellness (CP) 3
KIN 370 Basic Motor Learning 3
RTH 468 Facilitation Techniques in TR 3
RTH 465 TR Prog Des & Interventions I 3
HS 170 First Aid 1
KIN 380
Kinesiology (Recreational Therapy Major Core, B) 1
or Exercise Physiology
IST 210
Introduction to Disability (Recreational Therapy Major Core, C) 1
or PE for Atypical Child-Youth
Select one of the following: 3
Water Safety Instructor (Recreational Therapy Major Core, D)
ARC Lifeguard Training (Recreational Therapy Major Core, D)
Movement-Rhythms and Dev Act (Recreational Therapy Major Core, D)
RTH 375 Mgmt in Therapeutic Recreation 3
RTH 466 TR Prog Des & Interventions II 3
Fourth Year
Major ElectiveRecreational Therapy Major Core, E 1
RTH 395 Therapeutic Rec Process (W) 3
RTH 471 Evaluation & Research in HKS-W 2 3
SM 483 Issues in HKS 3
PSY 340 Abnormal Psychology 3
PE 101-PE 157Area V, B 1 1
RTH 495 Internship in Rec Therapy 2 12
 Total Hours120

See General Education Requirements


Requires admission to Candidacy


  • (CP) Candidacy Prerequisite
  • (W) Writing-Intensive Course