Visual Art (BA) - Art History Concentration

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Major Requirements39
Visual Art (BA) Core15
A. Complete the following:
ARH 103Art History I3
ARH 123Art History II3
ARH 344Contemporary Art3
ARS 123Two-Dimensional Design3
ARS 124Three-Dimensional Design3
Art History Concentration24
A. Ancient Art - Complete the following:
ARH 304Ancient Grk Art and Architect3
or ARH 306 Roman Art
B. Medieval Art - Complete the following:
ARH 312Medieval Art and Architecture3
or ARH 415 Gothic Architecture
C. Renaissance Art and Baroque Art - Select one of the following:3
Northern Renaissance Art
Italian Early Renaissance
16th Century Italian Art
Baroque Art of Southern Europe
Baroque Art and Architecture
18th Century Art and Arch
Baroque Art Flanders-Holland
D. Modern Art - Select one of the following:3
Early Modern Art
American Arts 1600 - 1940
Amer Architecture 1600-1940 -W
E. Seminar - Complete the following:
ARH 480Women in Art-W3
or ARH 492 Seminar - W -
F. Complete the following:
ARH 493Methodology of Art History-W3
G. ARH Electives6
Minor Requirements
A minor is required for this degree program18-24

All undergraduates must complete two designated writing credit (W) courses, at least one must be in major or minor.


Seminar and Special Topics courses may be used to satisfy Art History Concentration area requirements.

Language Requirements in Art History

While the department does not require language training beyond the General Education requirement (6 hours), we strongly encourage art history majors, particularly those planning graduate study, to pursue foreign languages beyond what is required by the College. French and German are the preferred languages because they are required by most M.A. and Ph.D. programs in art history.

The B.A. program requires completion of the general education requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences, requirements for a minor, and enough elective courses for credit hours to total 120. At least 30 hours of courses numbered 300 or higher must be taken at this University, including a minimum of 15 hours of upper-division art courses. A minimum of 39 hours in art history and studio courses is required. All students must complete the core requirements and those listed under one of two concentrations, art history or art studio.

Graduation Plan

(121 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CAS 100 First Yr Exp - 2
Foreign language #1 3
ARH 103
Art History I
or Art History II
EH 101 English Composition I 3
MA 110
Finite Mathematics
or Precalculus Algebra
ARH 123
Art History II
or Art History I
ARS 123 Two-Dimensional Design 3
Foreign Language #2 1 3
EH 102 English Composition II 3
Humanities and Fine Arts Component 3
Second Year
ARH 344 Contemporary Art 3
ARS 124 Three-Dimensional Design 3
Foreign Language #3 (optional) or elective 1 3
Natural Science #1 with Lab 4
Course in Minor #1 3
ARHU/D Elective (Medieval) 3
Foreign Language #4 (optional) or Elective 1 3
Course in Minor #2 3
Area III, B- Natural Science #2 with Lab 4
Select one of the following: 1 3
Brit Lit before 1785
Brit Lit after 1785
Am Lit before 1865
Am Lit after 1865
World Lit before 1650
World Lit after 1650
Third Year
ARH 493 Methodology of Art History-W 3
HY 101
HY of Western Civilization I
or World Civilization I
or US History to 1877
Natural Science #3 3
Course in Minor #3 3
CA 110 Public Speaking 1 3
ARHU/D Elective Modern 3
ARHElective (Ren/Baroque0 3
HY 102
HY of Western Civilization II (depending on 1st HY)
or World Civilization II
or US History since 1877
U/D Course in Minor #4 3
U/D Course in Minor #5 3
Fourth Year
ARHU/D Elective (Ancient) 3
ARH 492 Seminar - W - 3
Area IV, B-Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
U/D Course in Minor #6 3
Course in Minor #7 or Elective 3
ARHU/D Elective 3
ARHElective 3
U/D Course in Minor #8 or Elective 3
Area IV, B- Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
 Total Hours118

See Graduate Degree Requirements in Art History require a reading knowledge of one or more foreign languages (y=typically one for MA and two for a Ph.D.) French or German are preferred. It is recommended that students planning to pursue a graduate degree take four courses in one language to achieve reading proficiency.

Number of courses and number of upper division courses depends on Minor Department.