Students who have been previously enrolled in the University of South Alabama and have been absent for at least three consecutive terms or have been required to sit out a term due to academic suspension or dismissal should comply with the following:

How to Apply for Readmission

An applicant should complete the electronic readmission application found here.  The readmission application, including all required credentials, should be sent to the Office of Admissions.

Readmission applications do not have to pay another processing fee.

Requirements for Readmission

An applicant must be eligible to return to the University of South Alabama on the basis of a previous academic record at this institution. If the student has attended any college or university subsequent to last enrollment at the University of South Alabama, the student must also have the required transfer average or higher (as computed by the University of South Alabama, Office of Admissions) on work attempted, and must be in good standing and eligible to return to the last institution attended.

The University of South Alabama supports its students who are called into active military service or its members of a US military reserve unit. Students who have been admitted to or enrolled at the University of South Alabama may request a withdrawal to fulfill a US military obligation by contacting the Registrar’s Office. These students will be readmitted in accordance with readmission provisions in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (Section 484C of the HEA) and implementing regulations in 34 CFR Section 668.18. Students needing readmission should contact the Office of Admissions to provide notification of intent to return and would need to provide documentation of military service.

Permanent Residents who have not attended a US institution, whose native language is not English, must demonstrate English proficiency by submitting one of the following:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – composite of 61
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – composite of 5.5
  • International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) – composite of 3.6
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) – composite of 44
  • Duolingo - composite 95
  • ACT English – 19
  • SAT Reading – 26
  • Advanced Level English examinations from the United Kingdom with a score of “A”, “B”, or “C/A-E”

Applicants who hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited United States institution are exempt. Students transferring from postsecondary institutions within the United States are exempt, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Transfer credits total at least 24 semester hours; and
  2. Completion of English Composition I with a grade of “C” or better.

Applicants who fail to meet admission requirements and who believe they have extenuating circumstances that might justify a different decision may appeal for further consideration. The following items are required for the admissions appeal process:

  1. A personal essay describing why you want to attend USA and your career goals.
  2. Letter/s of recommendation
  3. Optional : Additional supporting documents to substantiate an appeal (including any documents from USA departments or personnel)

Please send all supporting documents by e-mail to the Office of Admissions at