Social Work (BSW)

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Major Requirements54
Social Work (BSW) Core
A. Complete the following:
SW 200Intro to SocWork-SocWelfare3
SW 201Human Behav/Social Environ I3
SW 214SW Skills and Field Experience3
SW 220Power, Privilege & Oppression3
SW 300Ethical Decision-Making-W3
SW 301Social Welfare Policy3
SW 302Human Behav/Social Environ II3
SW 401Generalist Practice I3
SW 402Generalist Practice II3
SW 412Field Instruction12
SW 414Senior Seminar - W3
Select one Field of Practice Elective of the following:3
Family Violence
Child Welfare Services
SW Practice in Mental Health
Social Work in Health Care
Social Gerontology - W
Sociology Courses required for SW Major
SY 220Marriage and the Family3
SY 381Research Methods3
SY 382Research Analysis3
Minor Requirements
A minor is required for this degree program see footnote table below 118-24



If Sociology (6 Courses, 18 Hours): SY 109, SY 220, SY 381, SY 382, and 2 Electives (at least 1 sociology elective must be 300-level or higher).

All undergraduates must complete two designated writing credit (W) courses, at least one of which must be in the student's major or minor. 

Additional Information

Social Work Admission Policy and Procedures

The social work program has policies and procedures for admission that are consistent with the goals of our national accrediting agency, the Council on Social Work Education. The policies and procedures ensure that students have a liberal arts base, demonstrate a beginning knowledge of social work and identification with the profession, have content in diversity, populations-at- risk, social and economic justice, and can demonstrate effective communication skills prior to entry into the professional program

Admission Policy

Students who want to major in social work are admitted to the pre-professional social work major and remain in the pre- professional major until they meet requirements to be admitted into the social work major. Prior to entering the major, please consider consulting with a pre-professional social work advisor from Academic Advising and Transfer Services at the earliest opportunity. The admission policy is applicable to all students: new freshmen, transfer students, students seeking a second bachelor’s degree, and students changing their major. In order to be admitted into the social work major, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a 2.60 overall GPA in courses taken at USA.
  • Have completed SW 200, SW 214, and SW 220 with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Have completed the BLY 101/BLY 102 or BLY 121/BLY 122 and a second natural science course with lab earning a grade of "C" or better in both courses and labs.
  • Have completed EH 101 and EH 102 with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Have completed the Math requirement.
  • Have completed the Statistics requirement (ST 210 or BUS 245).
  • Have completed a minimum of 56 credit hours.
  • Meet all requirements specified by the program for demonstrating behavior consistent with the NASW Code of Ethics.

Students entering the pre-professional social work major who have 45 or more credit hours are strongly encouraged to take SW 200, SW 214, and SW 220 in their first semester. Students who have not been admitted to the major may not enroll in SW 201, SW 300, SW 301, SW 302, SW 401, SW 402, SW 412, or SW 414.

Admission Procedures

Once the specified requirements are complete, the student must submit an application for admission to the social work major. Students who meet the minimum prerequisite requirements are not guaranteed admission into the social work major. The application process is competitive and admission is dependent upon available space. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor prior to submitting this application.

The student's application for admission to the major will be reviewed by the BSW program faculty and a determination will be made on whether or not the student will be admitted to the major. Following this determination, students will be notified in writing concerning the faculty decision.

Once the student is admitted to the major, the program will initiate a change of major to the university. The criteria for continuation as a major include:

  • Maintain a 2.50 grade point average in social work courses.
  • Maintain an overall 2.60 grade point average at USA.
  • Demonstrate acceptable professional conduct, personal integrity and emotional stability requisite for effective social work practice.
  • Demonstrate identification with the profession of social work.
  • Demonstrate behavior consistent with Code of Ethics for the National Association of Social Workers.

Transfer Students

Social work course credit will only be granted for courses transferred from programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or in CSWE Candidacy. In order to receive a degree in social work from the University of South Alabama, students must complete SW 401, SW 402, SW 412, and SW 414 and meet the university residency requirements. The program director will evaluate social work transfer credits to determine equivalency. No credit will be given for life or prior work experience.

Graduation Plan

(120 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EH 101 English Composition I 3
MA 110 Finite Mathematics (or higher) 3
SY 109 Introductory Sociology 3
CAS 100 First Yr Exp - 2
BLY 101
Life Science I
and Life Science I Laboratory (min grade C)
EH 102 English Composition II 3
SW 200 Intro to SocWork-SocWelfare 3
AN 100 Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
ST 210 Stat Reason and Application 3
Fine Arts Elective 3
Second Year
PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
SW 220 Power, Privilege & Oppression 3
Natural Sci with LabArea III, B 4
Sociology Minor Elective 1 3
Foreign Language IArea V 3
GPA required: 2.60
HistoryUS History or Western Civ 3
CA 110 Public Speaking 3
SW 214 SW Skills and Field Experience 3
SY 220 Marriage and the Family 3
Foreign Language IIArea V 3
Third Year
SW 201 Human Behav/Social Environ I 3
SW 300 Ethical Decision-Making-W 3
SW 401 Generalist Practice I 3
SY 381 Research Methods (Fall ony) 3
English LiteratureArea II, B. Part I of sequence 3
SW 301 Social Welfare Policy 3
SW 302 Human Behav/Social Environ II 3
SW 402 Generalist Practice II (Spring only) 3
SY 382 Research Analysis (Spring only) 3
Humanities ElectiveArea II 3
Fourth Year
Select one SW Elective of the following: 3
Ethical Decision-Making-W
Community Context
Family Violence
Child Welfare Services
SW Practice in Mental Health
International SW Practice
Social Work in Health Care
Social Gerontology - W
English LiteratureArea II, Part II of sequence 3
Sociology Minor Elective300 level or higher 1 3
Sociology Minor Elective300 level or higher 1 3
Elective 3
SW 214 SW Skills and Field Experience 12
SW 414 Senior Seminar - W 2 3
 Total Hours121

All Arts and Sciences majors require a minor between 18 and 24 hours. This plan incorporates a sociology minor (18 credit hours).


Taken concurrently with SW 214.


  • See General Education Requirements
  • Must have one history elective and one literature elective. In addition, students must choose a second history or literature to complete a two-part sequence. Literature Sequence is recommended.