Reading Specialist Certification

Degree Requirements

Reading Specialist Class A Certification


Requirements for admission to the Class A Reading Specialist program shall include:

  1. At least baccalaureate-level professional educator certification in any area of education and master's degree; Candidates without a master's degree may pursue the reading specialist certification along with the master's degree in Elementary or Early Childhood Education. See advising sheets for details.
  2. Two years of successful classroom teaching experience; and
  3. Certification in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Collaborative Teacher (K-6 or 6-12), or
  4. Certification in any other area of education and completion of two reading courses including an introduction to reading course.
    Note: All certification programs require an introductory course, special education SPE 500, if not completed at the undergraduate level.

Program Requirements

Curriculum and Teaching
EEC 552Comm Svcs Families-Children 13
or SED 552 The High School Curriculum
EDM 510Microcomputing Systems in Ed3
Foundations/Special Education Elective
SPE 500Nat-Needs of Exc Chld and Yth 20-3
Research and Evaluation
IDE 510Educ Research and Evaluation3
Teaching Field
18 hrs with a grade of "B" or above
EEC 532Lit and Lang Dev in Elem Sch3
RED 531Trends-Practices Tchg Reading3
RED 533Diag-Corr Reading Disabilities3
RED 534Remed-Clinic Proced in Reading3
RED 541Literacy in the Content Area3
RED 548Literacy Coaching3
RED 595Internship in Reading Educ3
Total Hours30-33

EEC 522 taken by those with an undergraduate secondary certificate. SED 552 taken by those with an undergraduate elementary certificate.


SPE 500 required if introductory special education course not previously taken or EDU 567 or an ALSDE-Approved diversity course if not completed with Class A certification.

State Board Of Education Praxis II Test Information

Applicants completing coursework for Class A Reading Specialist certification are required to pass Praxis II in their area of certification. Please see specific program requirements on advising sheets. Praxis II test requirements are subject to change as dictated by the ALSDE. Prior to registering for any Praxis II exam, please verify current requirements by going directly to the Alabama portion of the Praxis II website at