Meteorology (BS) - Broadcast Met Track

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Major Requirements47
Meteorology Major Core
A. Complete the following:
MET 140
Introduction to Meteorology
and Intro to Meteorology Lab
MET 443Climatology - W3
MET 353General Meteorology4
MET 354Dynamic Meteorology I3
MET 355Dynamic Meteorology II3
MET 356Physical Meteorology3
MET 454Synoptic Meteorology I6
MET 490Sp Top - (Orientation to Meteorology)1
MET 455Synoptic Meteorology II6
Broadcast Meteorology Track
A. Complete the following:
MET 490Sp Top - (Baron Graphics)1
MET 342Severe Weather3
MET 358Radar Meteorology4
MET 359Introduction to TV Weather2
MET 496Internship in Meteorology1
MET 497Broadcast Meteorology Pract I3
B. Select one hour from the following:1
Tropical Weather Discussion
Meteorological Instrumentation
Satellite Metorology
MET Phenomenology - W
Computer Apps in Earth Science
Mesoscale Meteorology
Air Pollution Meteorology
Tropical Meteorology
Applied Climatology - W
Sp Top -
Mesonet Internship
Intro to GIT
Management Theory and Practice
Principles of Marketing
Other STEM Requirements
See list below.
Minor Requirements
A minor is required for this degree program18-24

All undergraduates must complete two designated writing credit (W) courses, at least one must be in major or minor.

Other STEM Requirements

The Meteorology degree also requires:

MA 125Calculus I4
MA 126Calculus II4
MA 227Calculus III4
MA 238Differential Equations I3
PH 201
Calculus-Based Physics I
and Calculus-Based Physics I Lab
PH 202
Calculus-Based Physics II
and Calculus-Based Physics II Lab
ST 315Applied Probability-Statistics3

Note that Area III General Education requirements are fulfilled by these major requirements.

Graduation Plan

(47 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
MA 125 Calculus I 4
MET 140 Introduction to Meteorology 3
MET 140L Intro to Meteorology Lab 1
GEO 115 World Regional Geography (Area IV, B) 1,2 3
CAS 100 First Yr Exp - 2
MET 490 Sp Top - (Orientation to Meteorology) 1
EH 101 English Composition I 3
MA 126 Calculus II 4
MET 353 General Meteorology 4
MET 443 Climatology - W 3
EH 102 English Composition II 3
MET 490 Sp Top - (Baron Graphics) 1
Second Year
MA 227 Calculus III 4
PH 201 Calculus-Based Physics I 4
PH 201L Calculus-Based Physics I Lab 0
HistoryArea IV, A 2 3
CA 110 Public Speaking 3
MET 357 Meteorological Instrumentation 2
MA 238 Differential Equations I 3
PH 202 Calculus-Based Physics II 4
PH 202L Calculus-Based Physics II Lab 0
LiteratureArea II, B 2 3
MET 342 Severe Weather 3
MET 359 Introduction to TV Weather 2
Third Year
ST 315 Applied Probability-Statistics 3
MET 354 Dynamic Meteorology I 3
MET 356 Physical Meteorology 3
MET 497 Broadcast Meteorology Pract I 3
Foreign Language I Area V, A 2 3
Math Minor elective MA/ST 300+ elective 1,2 3
MET 355 Dynamic Meteorology II 3
MET 358 Radar Meteorology 4
Foreign Language II Area V, A 2 3
Social/Behavioral ScienceArea IV, B 2 3
Fourth Year
MET 454 Synoptic Meteorology I 6
MET 496 Internship in Meteorology 1
Fine ArtsArea II, C 2 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Area II, D 2 3
Elective 3
MET 455 Synoptic Meteorology II 6
Humanities/Fine Arts Area II, D 2 3
Social/Behavioral Science Area IV, B 2 3
Elective 3
 Total Hours125

Recommended Course 


See General Education Requirements

Upon completion of Meteorology major requirements, students are only one course short of a minor in Mathematics. This recommended template incorporates a Math minor. However, students are free to choose a different minor or double-minor. Many Broadcast Track Meteorology students pursue a minor in Communication.

Many Broadcast Track Meteorology majors choose to complete an internship during the summer between the junior and senior year in addition to another internship during typical senior year classes. Completion of a summer internship is not mandatory; however, the Meteorology faculty strongly recommend completing two internships with one emphasizing broadcasting and the other emphasizing reporting/producing.