Educational Leadership (Ed.D.)

Degree Requirements

Doctor Of Education Program in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership Executive Ed.D. program is an intensive 60 credit hour, cohort-based program designed for educators who wish to earn a terminal degree in educational leadership. The Ed.D. program allows students to keep their current full-time jobs while also studying full-time.

The program is aligned with the recommendations of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate ( to redesign the Ed.D. to make it a stronger and more relevant degree for the advanced preparation of school practitioners and clinical faculty, academic leaders, and professional staff for the nation’s schools and colleges, and the learning organizations that support them. The program is intended to train an emerging generation of senior educational leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to connect research, theory, and practice in leading high performing learning organizations to manage resources strategically, engage in evidence-based decision-making, promote continuous improvement, and encourage innovation.

The program includes courses in educational leadership, program assessment and evaluation, finance, ethics and legal issues, global education, and various research strategies. The dissertation process is structured and systematic, unfolding from the first course throughout the curriculum to make it possible to complete a dissertation study by the end of the program. The research courses in the curriculum are designed to build the expertise needed not only to complete the dissertation, but also to supervise, evaluate, and apply research to the management of complex educational organizations.

Because the program is explicitly designed to prepare educational leaders who can use research and theory to create change by solving a problem of practice, students complete a dissertation that is addressed to a specific practical management challenge appropriate to their work setting.

The Doctor of Education degree has two concentrations. One area of focus is for K-12 practitioners, the other for aspiring Higher Education administrators. For information contact Dr. Susan Santoli, Department of Leadership and Teacher Education. The program accepts applications each March 15th for yearly cohorts starting the following May.

Upon admission, practicing K-12 administrators who hold an Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership may request coursework from their Specialist degree be considered for transfer credit into the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program.

A 3.25 program and institutional GPA is required at graduation. Courses over 10 years old cannot be used in the program.

Common Core
To be taken for Higher Ed and K-12 options
EDL 695Mentoring Leadership (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 689Quantitative/Action Research3
EDL 699Research Project (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 694Dir St and Research3
EDU/IDE 692Research Proj Seminar (see footnote table below) 13
IDE 615Assess & Eval for Leaders3
IDE 631Intro Qual/Mixed Methods Res (see footnote table below) 13
Higher Ed Concentration
To be taken only for Higher Ed option
EDL 720Global Education3
HED 611Human Relations in Higher Edu3
HED 621Program and Curriculum Develop3
HED 631Sem Higher Ed Mgt Skills3
HED 701Adv Org Theory for Higher Edu3
HED 702Higher Ed Finance3
HED 703Adv Leadership for Higher Ed3
HED 707Multiculturalism and Organizational Change in Higher Education3
HED 732Ethics and Law for Higher Ed3
EDL 607Lead Schs/Multicultural Soc (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 694Dir St and Research (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 611Human Relations Skills (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 621Sem Prog Curriculum Dev (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 631Sem Ed Management Skills (see footnote table below) 13
EDL 701Adv Organizational Theory3
EDL 702School Finance3
EDL 703Adv School Leadership3
EDL 732Ethics and Law for Ed Leaders3
EDU 650Instructional Techniques (see footnote table below) 13
Dissertation Hours
To be taken for Higher Ed and K-12 options.
(If dissertation is not complete in 12 semester hours, student must register for 1 hr of EDL 799 each semester until dissertation is complete.
EDL 799Research/Dissertation3
EDL 799Research/Dissertation3
EDL 799Research/Dissertation3
EDL 799Research/Dissertation3
Total Hours90



Required courses for Ed.S. Instructional Leadership