Information Systems (MS)

Degree Requirements

Requirements for Master's Degree in Information Systems (ISC) 

Students must satisfactorily complete any prescribed prerequisite courses, a comprehensive examination, and thirty (30) graduate credit hours for the Master of Science in Information Systems degree. Information Systems majors must complete their Information Systems program with a minimum grade of "B" in all core courses and an overall program GPA of 3.0. The thirty (30) graduate hours consist of twelve (12) hours of Core courses, eighteen (18 ) hours of required courses as follows:

Core Courses
All core courses must be completed with a minimum grade of "B"
ISC 501Programming for IS3
ISC 507IS Database Processing3
ISC 561IS Database Management3
ISC 565IS Project-Change Management3
Required Courses
ISC 551Human-Comp Interface Design3
ISC 545Management Information Systems3
ISC 559IS App Design-Implementation3
ISC 560Info Systems Analysis-Design3
ISC 567IS Function Integration3
ISC 568IS Enterprise Integration3
Total Hours30
  • The Master of Science in Information Systems is a software development focused professional degree program.  Any substitutions to the required courses must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Students in the Master of Science in Information Systems program must pass a written comprehensive examination. Students wishing to sit for the examination must apply on-line to the SoC Director of Graduate Studies by the Friday before the start of classes in the semester in which the examination is to be taken. The comprehensive examination is offered twice a year. The School of Computing Comprehensive Examination Policies and Procedures document and the Comprehensive Examination Application form are available at