Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate Certificate

Degree Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at USA requires a minimum of five courses (15 hours) with grades of "A" or "B". The student may choose from a list of courses to meet requirements for the certificate that provides specific training in the individual's area of counseling emphasis. The student will work with the program director/and or advisor to develop the best plan possible to meet career goals.

Counselor educators are ethically required to ensure that students meet academic requirements and demonstrate clinical competencies. Satisfactory progress will be predicated on a combination of factors such as academic success, clinical competence, adherence to ethical standards, and appropriate interpersonal functioning. Students who do not demonstrate satisfactory competence within any of these critical areas of professional performance may be terminated from the program. Core faculty will evaluate students on a continuing basis to determine students' satisfactory progression through the program. Other policies, procedures, and guidelines are addressed in the Counselor Education Graduate Student Handbook.

Students who are not enrolled for three consecutive semesters must complete all admissions requirements again and be reviewed by the program admissions committee.

Comprehensive Examination: Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE).