As a program within the Public Relations Department, licensing serves as a support function to the University's overall mission which is: to protect the name and identifying marks of the University of South Alabama, also, to preserve the University's good name and reputation by insuring that products bearing its name or marks are good quality and reflect positively on the University, and to promote the University by stimulating public awareness and support of the University through use of its name and marks.

All items bearing the logo/marks of the University, must be ordered through companies that are officially licensed. A list of vendors is maintained by this office and can be provided if requested. This includes items that bear the log/marks of the University that aren't for resale. A letter of request should be sent to the licensing department stating the nature of the use and that the product is being used internally along with the name and address of the licensed company so the royalty fee can be waived.

All royalty income received will be placed into a permanent endowment for scholarships. The proceeds from this endowment will be divided equally for use in undergraduate, graduate, and athletic scholarships.

For questions concerning the licensing program, please call (251) 460-6211.