Psychology (MS)

Degree Requirements

Graduate Curriculum

Behavioral and Brain Sciences Concentration

Students admitted to the Master of Science in Psychology Behavioral and Brain Sciences concentration must complete the curriculum described below and appropriate electives. A minimum of 36 hours of graduate courses are required.

Research Methodology/Statistics
PSY 500Proseminar in Psychology4
PSY 501Research Design and Stats I3
PSY 502Research Design and Stats II3
PSY 590Sp Top in Psychology -1-3
PSY 575Comparative Psychology3
PSY 520Personality Res and Theory3
or PSY 522 Soc & Personality Psychology
PSY 514Learning3
or PSY 586 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY 524Lifespan Development3
or PSY 570 Intel Disable/Autism Spec Dis
Select eight hours of electives8
PSY 599Thesis Research (6 - 9 hours optional)6
Total Hours37-39

Clinical and Counseling Psychology Concentration

Only students admitted into the Clinical and Counseling Doctoral program with a Bachelor’s degree will complete the following courses as requirements for a Master of Science degree in Psychology. In addition, students must complete either a major project in psychology (minimum of three hours required) or a thesis (minimum of six hours required). Satisfactory completion of PSY 530 with a minimum grade of “B” is required before a student is allowed to enroll in any practicum course.

PSY 500Proseminar in Psychology2
PSY 501Research Design and Stats I3
PSY 502Research Design and Stats II3
PSY 522Soc & Personality Psychology3
PSY 524Lifespan Development3
PSY 530Applied Psy & Dx Interviewing3
PSY 532Psychopathology3
PSY 540Psychometrics3
PSY 542Cognitive Assessment3
PSY 544Personality & Affective Assmt3
PSY 550Evidenced Based Clin/Coun Prac3
PSY 556Practicum9
Select three hours of electives3
PSY 599Thesis Research 16
or PSY 598 Project in Psychology
Total Hours50

PSY 599 - 6 to 9 hours or PSY 598 - 3 hours minimum