Nursing (BS) - Accelerated

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Select General Education Requirements26
Major Requirements
Nursing (BS) Major Core
A. Complete the following Nursing Courses:
HSC 342Administration of Medication1
HSC 343Clinical Pharmacology3
NU 300Foundations of Prof Nsg5
NU 301Foundations of Prof Nsg Clin3
NU 304Evidence Based Practice NU- W3
NU 325Health Assessment3
NU 327Patho Basis of Nursing3
NU 311Clinical Nursing Skills3
NU 312Clinical Skills Immersion1
NU 332Clinical Nutrition2
AHN 447Adult Gerontological Nursing4
AHN 448Adult Gerontological Nsg Clin4
CMN 350Psy-Mental Health Nsg2
CMN 351Psy-Mental Health Nsg Clin2
CMN 420Community Health Nursing3
CMN 421Community Health Nurs Clinical1
MCN 352OB & GYN Nursing Care2
MCN 353OB & GYN Nsg Care Clinical2
MCN 354Pediatric Nursing Care2
MCN 355Pediatric Nsg Care Clinical2
NU 412Dec Making Prof Nsg Practice3
NU 414Issues & Trends Healthcare -W3
NU 460Practicum5
Minor Requirements
A minor is not required for this degree program0
Total Hours88

General Education Requirements

Gen Ed Formatting Note: Graduate of a regionally accredited baccalaureate program with a minimum 2.75 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

Area I - Written Composition
No credit hours are needed in this area
Area II - Humanities & Fine Arts
No credit hours are needed in this area
Area III - Natural Science & Mathematics
A. Complete the following:
BLY 101
Life Science I
and Life Science I Laboratory
CH 101
Survey of Inorg and Org Chem
and Survey Inorg-Org Chem Lab
Area IV - History, Social & Behavioral Sciences
A. Complete the following Psychology Course:
PSY 120Introduction to Psychology (required)3
Area V
A. Select one of the following Microbiology Courses:4
and Lab Studies Microbiology
Microbiology in Healthcare
and Microbiology in Healthcare Lab
B. Complete the following Human Anatomy & Physiology Courses:
BMD 251Human Anatomy & Physiology I4
BMD 252Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
C Select one of the following Statistics Courses:3
Stat Reason and Application
Data Analytics I
Res Design and Analysis I
Applied Stat Health Sciences
Total Hours26


  • Microbiology with Lab (4 Credit Hours) is required
  • PSY 120 is required

Additional Information

Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Accelerated BSN Pathway

The College of Nursing has a special Accelerated BSN Pathway for academically qualified and highly-motivated individuals. The pre- professional component, as listed below, must be completed prior to admission to the professional component. The professional component of the curriculum, which normally takes 5 semesters to complete, can be completed in 12 months of full-time study. The curriculum and credit hours are the same as required for the traditionally taught BSN degree offered by the College, except that the course schedule is accelerated and is not confined by the traditional academic calendar. Students in the first 12 months of the Accelerated BSN Pathway follow the same promotion/progression policies as the students in the traditionally-taught BSN. 

Students having difficulty maintaining the pace of the program may request a transfer to the traditional program if they are in good academic standing. At the end of the 12-months of study, students are awarded the BSN degree and are prepared for the RN licensure (NCLEX) examination.

Students who have completed the pre-nursing requirements, may apply for admission to the Professional Component of the Accelerated BSN Pathway.

Admission Criteria for Accelerated BSN Pathway

  1. Graduate of a regionally accredited baccalaureate program with a minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.
  2. A minimum grade of “C” in following prerequisite courses: Biology with Lab, Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab, Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab, Microbiology with Lab, Chemistry with Lab, Statistics, and General Psychology.

Pilot Program

A limited number of students admitted to the Traditional BSN program may be offered a seat in the accelerated BSN program. Selection is highly competitive.

Application Procedures Accelerated Pathway

Applicants must submit an application for admission to the Professional Component of the BSN degree program. The application form is available on the College of Nursing's website. Applications are reviewed carefully to determine that students have satisfied all pre-nursing requirements of conduct, health, scholastic achievement, and aptitude for nursing. The College of Nursing Admissions Committee and the Dean of the College of Nursing reserve the right to select the applicants best qualified for and most likely to succeed in the study of nursing. Failure to comply with legal, moral, and legislative standards for licensure to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Alabama merits immediate dismissal from the nursing program.

Application Procedures

  1. Submission of a completed application to the College of Nursing via Accelerated BSN Online Application.

  2. Payment of $50 non-refundable application fee via debit or credit card. There is a $20.00 fee for non-sufficient fund.

  3. Transfer credit must comply with College of Nursing policies.

Contingency for Admission and Initial Registration

Admission and initial registration is contingent on completion of the following requirements:

  1. Acceptance Packet

  2. Negative Drug Screen

  3. Acceptable Background Check

  4. All Health Requirements as outlined in the Medical Documents Manager

Notification of missing documents will be sent to your JagMail email account. Only students who have successfully completed the Acceptance packet in its entirety, have a negative drug screen and acceptable background check, and completed all required portions of the Medical Documents Manager will be permitted to register for classes.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester Deadline is March 15

  • Spring Semester Deadline is July 15

In keeping with the dynamic changes in the nursing and health field, the baccalaureate curriculum may undergo change. Changes in curricula and/or admission requirements will be published as far in advance as possible. Advisors are available to assist students in adapting to those changes and planning their course of study accordingly. Applicants must meet with their advisor before applying to the Professional Component.

Veteran's Policy For College of Nursing

The College of Nursing commits to accept students from the Veteran population into the Bachelor of Science programs. The CON will accept five Veteran students into the traditional program and two Veteran students into the accelerated program each semester. Veteran students must apply for the program and meet the general admission requirements. Veteran Students must also provide documentation verifying veteran status. If there are no veteran students available to take these seats, the seats will go to the general population of student applicants. 

Academic Partnership Between The University of South Alabama Department of Military Science And Leadership (Army ROTC) And Department of Nursing

  1. Both the Department of Nursing and Army ROTC will actively recruit qualified nursing candidates for joint enrollment. Both programs will actively supervise and mentor enrolled ROTC will actively supervise and mentor enrolled ROTC Nurse Cadets and will keep each other informed of candidate's progress.

  2. The Department of Nursing will accept two Army ROTC Nurse Cadets annually into the BSN programs, if they meet the Department of Nursing's academic acceptance requirements.

  3. The Department of Nursing will provide a dedicated nursing academic advisor for all ROTC Nurse Cadets. This academic advisor will act as faculty liaison between the departments.

  4. All Army ROTC Nursing Cadets will be required to participate in the nursing department's clinical training throughout the nursing nursing program with no resistance from the ROTC department.

  5. Army ROTC will provide opportunities per academic year in the Army's Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP), a summer internship/preceptorship offered at Army hospitals in the U.S. and overseas, typically between junior and senior years. 

Academic Progression Policy for Accelerated BSN

The University of South Alabama College of Nursing will recommend for promotion only those students who, in the judgment of the faculty, satisfy the requirements of emotional and physical health, conduct, scholastic achievement, and aptitude for nursing. Students continually in adjustment difficulties may be dropped from the nursing program.

  1. A grade of “C” or higher is required for all nursing courses. A student may only repeat on failed nursing course. 

  2. Student receiving a failing grade in either a didactic course or a clinical course that are co-requisites must repeat both courses the following semester to progress in the program.

  3. Students at risk of failing a didactic course or clinical course at midterm (course average 68% or below) must make an appointment and meet with an academic advisor.

  4. Accelerated students earning a first grade of "D", "F", or "U" are advised regarding the benefit of moving to the traditional BSN program.

  5. A second "D", "F", or "U" will result in an academic dismissal from the College of Nursing. Students who are academically dismissed may apply one time for readmission to the Traditional BSN program only.

  6. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at USA is required to continue in the nursing program. Students with a GPA below 2.0 may not register for nursing courses.

  7. A dosage calculation test is required prior to promotion to NU 300/NU 301, MCN 352/MCN 353, MCN 354/MCN 355, AHN 447/AHN 448, and NU 460. A score of 100% on one of three attempts or successful completion of standards based grading opportunities must be achieved to pass.

  8. After completion of the ATI Capstone course embedded into NU 412, all students are required to complete the ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor. The ATI Capstone course will be a component of NU 412. If the student does not score at least 72% on the ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor, the student will be required to complete the Virtual ATI review course. Upon successful completion of a prescribed number of modules in Virtual ATI, a grade of Satisfactory (S) will be given for the course. If the required Virtual ATI is not completed by the end of the semester, a grade of Incomplete (I) will be given. Once the student has completed required Virtual ATI, the grade will be changed to Satisfactory (S) for the course. Failure to complete the virtual ATI requirements as stated in the syllabus by the end of the following semester will result in a grade of Unsatisfactory (U) for the course.

  9. Failure to show good ethical and moral character including but not limited to any of the following may result in dismissal from the program:

    1. conviction of a crime,

    2. disciplinary action against a nursing license in Alabama or any other state,

    3. positive drug test,

    4. adverse background check, or

    5. disruptive behavior including online behavior.
      All students must notify the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Dean of the College of Nursing immediately or no later than 48 hours of any of the above stated incidents.

  10. All students must notify the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Dean of the College of Nursing immediately or no later than 48 hours following an arrest. Failure to report an arrest may result in removal of the program.

  11. All students are subject to testing for controlled substances and must submit to random drug testing as requested. A positive test or refusal to submit to testing will result in removal from the program.

  12. All students are subject to a background check and must submit to additional background checks as requested. An adverse finding or refusal to submit to a background check may result in removal from the program.

  13. Once students are admitted to the professional component of the BSN curriculum, the program must be completed within 5 years. If a student's progression is interrupted for any reason, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of Student Services and apply for readmission. Students are readmitted on a space-available basis. Any alteration in usual progression may lengthen the student's program. In keeping with dynamic changes in health care and nursing, the curriculum may undergo change. Changes in curricula and/or admission requirements will be published as far in advance as possible. Advisors are available to assist students in adapting to those changes and planning their course of study accordingly.

Uniform Policy

The Uniform policy is provided to students at the time of admission.

Clinical Attendance

Students will be expected to attend clinical as scheduled. Some courses may require more than 20 hours per week of clinical attendance. Clinical orientation is mandatory.

Graduation Requirements

Accelerated BSN students who will complete all degree requirements are required to apply for graduation by the application deadline established by the Registrar’s Office. Deadlines for each semester application are located on the Registrar’s Graduation Website.

Eligibility For National Licensure

Graduates are eligible and prepared to complete the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN exam) and apply for licensure to practice as a Registered Nurse and to continue with graduate study. The program meets state educational requirements for licensure in Alabama and all other states in the U.S. and its territory.