Artificial Intelligence Certificate Non-Degree Program

Certificate Requirements

The School of Computing is responding to its industry need for a skilled workforce in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence integrates many computing disciplines and specialty groups into a team effort forming a structured development process that advances development from production through operation and maintenance. Artificial Intelligence considers both the business and the technical needs of specialized customers with the goal of providing a quality product that meets the user needs.

The coursework will require successful completion of five baccalaureate level courses worth 3 credits each.

The five courses that will be required to attain this certificate are:

CSC 324Database Concepts3
or CIS 324 Database Design-Dev-Mgt
CSC 416AI Theory and Programming3
CSC 426Data Mining3
CSC 433Adv AI Theory and Programming3
CSC 457Data Warehousing3
Total Hours15