Classics Minor

Degree Requirements

If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Minor in Classics

A minimum of 18 hours must be taken in approved Classics course listings. No more than two 100-level courses may count towards the Classics minor. The minor is interdisciplinary in nature and cross-listed course offerings may be used outside of Classics (CLA) discipline. Students minoring in Classics must fulfill the Foreign Language requirement by taking either 2 semesters of Latin or 2 semesters of Ancient Greek.

Latin or Ancient Greek6
Introductory Latin I
and Introductory Latin II
Intro Classical Greek I
and Intro Classical Greek II
Classics Electives (200+ level)12
Total Hours18

Philosophy Majors can now fulfill the Minor requirement by taking one of the other concentrations offered. No more than 6 hours may cross-list between major and minor.

  • Majors concentrating in Classic can fulfill the Minor requirement by using Philosophy or Religion concentration.
  • Majors concentrating in Philosophy can fulfill the Minor requirement by using Religion or Classics concentration.
  • Majors concentrating in Religion can fulfill the Minor requirement by using Philosophy or Classics concentration.