Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS)

Degree Requirements

The program described below is designed to provide for the acquisition of skills and competencies needed by counselors working in an agency setting.

A grade of "B" or better is required in all coursework counting towards the degree.

Counselor educators are ethically required to ensure that students meet academic requirements and demonstrate clinical competencies. Satisfactory progress will be predicated on a combination of factors such as academic success, clinical competence, adherence to ethical standards, and appropriate interpersonal functioning. Students who do not demonstrate satisfactory competence within any of these critical areas of professional performance may be terminated from the program. Core faculty will evaluate students on a continuing basis to determine students' satisfactory progression through the program. Other policies, procedures, and guidelines are addressed in the Counselor Education Graduate Student Handbook.

Students who are not enrolled for three consecutive semesters must complete all admissions requirements again and be reviewed by the program admissions committee.

Comprehensive Examination:   Counselor Education Comprehensive Exam (CECE)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Requirements

Required Major Professional Core
CED 560Diagnosis/Treatment Planning (Spring only)3
CED 562Addictions Counseling (Spring only)3
CED 566Multicultural Counseling (Spring only)3
CED 571Foundations of CMHC (Fall only)3
CED 572Princ and Theories of Couns (Fall only)3
CED 574Group Couns Theory and Process (Spring only)3
CED 576Supv Practicum in Couns (Summer only)3
CED 584Sem Ethical and Legal Issues (Fall only)3
CED 586Counseling Skills and Process (Spring only)3
CED 588Career Devel, Assess, & Interv (Fall only)3
CED 592Crisis & Trauma Counseling (Fall only)3
CED 597Internship in CMHC (6 semester hours. required; 600 contact hours, Fall & Spring)6
Required Related Professional Courses
IDE 510Educ Research and Evaluation3
EPY 521Human Dev and Behavior3
EPY 555Tests-Measurement and Eval3
Approved Electives
Select 12 hours12
Total Hours60