Nursing Subspecialty Options

Post-Graduate Certificate Subspecialty Requirements

The following subspecialties can be added to specific APRN pathways as designated.

Addictions Nursing

May be added to any concentration.

HSC 580OUD/SUD Prevention/Screening2
HSC 581OUD/SUD Assessment/Treatment2
HSC 582OUD/SUD Recovery/Sys Practice2
NU 510Addictions Practicum I1
NU 511Addictions Practicum II2
NU 512Addictions Practicum III2
NU 513Addictions Practicum IV (Elective)4
Total Hours15

Advanced Forensic Nursing

May be added to any concentration

NU 500Explore Culture Sexual Assault2
NU 502Sexual Assault Vic Practicum1
NU 503Trauma Care Sexual Assault Vic2
NU 504Adv Pharm Care Post Assault2
NU 505Sup Care Comorbid Post Assault2
Total Hours9


May be added to Adult-Gerontological Acute NP, Adult-Gerontological Primary Care NP, Dual Role (Family NP/Adult Gerontological Acute Care NP), Dual Role (Family NP/Emergency NP), Family NP, Women’s Health NP, Post-Graduate Certificate Emergency NP, and any Adult-Gerontological CNS student with a strong background in cardiovascular and/or acute care nursing.

AHN 630Dysrhythmias and the Heart2
AHN 631Foundations of Cardiac Care2
AHN 632Diag & Mgmnt of Acute CVD2
AHN 633Dig/Mgmt Complex CV Disorders2
Total Hours8

Clinical Lipidology

May be added to Adult-Gerontological Primary Care NP, Adult-Gerontological Acute NP, Adult-Gerontological CNS, Family NP, Dual Role (Family NP/Adult-Gerontological Acute NP), Dual Role (Family NP/Emergency NP), Women’s Health NP, and Post-Graduate Certificate Emergency NP.

HSC 595Evidence Basd Lipid Practice2
HSC 596Adv Vascular Biology2
HSC 597Adv Pharm Complex Dyslipidemia2
HSC 598Diag/Mgt C-plex Dyslipidemia2
Total Hours8

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare

May be added to any concentration.

HSC 501Found of Diversity Healthcare2
HSC 502Diversity Equity & Inclusion2
HSC 503Curr Issues & Trends Diversity2
HSC 504Lead&Change Mang Adv Diversity2
Total Hours8

Nurse Educator

May be added to any concentration

NU 620Prin Teach/Learn/Assess Nu Ed3
NU 621Curr Design/Outcome Eval Nu Ed3
NU 622Current Topics in Nu Education2
NU 623Nsg Educ Synthesis Practicum3
Total Hours11

Palliative Care

May be added to any concentration. 

AHN 530Found Palliative Care/Adv Role2
AHN 531Adv Palliative Cr/End of Life2
AHN 532Adv Chronic Illness Care2
AHN 533Adv Palliative Care Practicum1-9
Total Hours7-15

Trauma-Informed Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

May be added to any concentration.

HSC 510IPT for TI-IBH Primary Care1
HSC 511IPT Telehealth Deliv TI-IBH1
HSC 512TI-MI in IBH Seminar1
NU 526Trauma-Informed Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Practicum I1
NU 527Trauma-Informed Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Practicum II2
NU 528Trauma-Informed Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Practicum III2
Total Hours8