Secondary Education Biology (BS)

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Select General Education Requirements45-46
Major Requirements
Professional Studies Core
A. Complete the following:
EDM 310Microcomputing Systems3
EDU 400Edu Except Child and Youth3
EPY 351Human Growth & Development3
EDU 340Fundamentals of Teaching - W3
EDU 341Middle Level Education - W3
EDU 342Secondary Field Experience3
EDU 363Tchg Adptve Cur Thru Beh/Clsrm3
EDU 451Content Area Literacy3
EDU 456Teaching Science3
EDU 468Internship - Science9
Teaching Field Core
Includes 12 hours from General Education Area III
A. Complete the following:
ST 210Stat Reason and Application3
or MA 125 Calculus I
GEO 101
Environmental Geography
and Environmental Geography Lab
PH 101
Introduction to Astronomy
and Introduction to Astronomy Lab
CH 131
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CH 132
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
CH 201
Organic Chemistry I
and Organic Chemistry I Lab
PH 114
Physics with Algebra-Trig I
and Alg-Trig Based Physics I Lab
or PH 201
Calculus-Based Physics I
and Calculus-Based Physics I Lab
PH 115
Physics with Algebra -Trig II
and Alg-Trig Based Physics II Lab
or PH 202
Calculus-Based Physics II
and Calculus-Based Physics II Lab
BLY 301Cell Biology3
BLY 302Genetics3
B. Select 20 hours from BLY 300-49920
Minor Requirements
A minor is not required for this degree program0
Total Hours138-141

General Education Requirements

Includes 11 hours of Math and Science courses from Area III that will satisfy requirements in the Teaching Field Core.

Area I – Written Composition
A. Complete the following:
EH 101English Composition I3
B. Complete the following:
EH 102English Composition II3
Area II – Humanities & Fine Arts
A. Complete the following:
CA 110Public Speaking3
B. Select one of the following: see footnote table below 13
Brit Lit before 1785
Brit Lit after 1785
Am Lit before 1865
Am Lit after 1865
World Lit before 1650
World Lit after 1650
C. Select one of the following:3
Survey of Art
Art History I
Art History II
Art Appreciation
Introduction to Theatre
Introduction to Music
D. Select three hours of the following:3
Intro to African Amer Studies
Survey of Art
Art History I
Art History II
Art Appreciation
Introduction to Theatre
Brit Lit before 1785
Brit Lit after 1785
Am Lit before 1865
Am Lit after 1865
World Lit before 1650
World Lit after 1650
Introductory Latin I
Introductory Latin II
Introductory French I
Introductory French II
Introductory Chinese I
Introductory Chinese II
Introductory Spanish I
Introductory Spanish II
Intro Classical Greek I
Intro Classical Greek II
Introductory German I
Introductory German II
Accelerated Intro German
Introductory Russian I
Introductory Russian II
Accelerated Intro Russian
Intermediate Latin I
Intermediate Latin II
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Accelerated Inter French - H
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Inter Spanish Accel -H
Interm Classical Greek I
Interm Classical Greek II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
Intermediate Russian I
Intermediate Russian II
Intensive Second Year Russian
Introductory Japanese I
Introductory Japanese II
Introductory Arabic I
Introductory Arabic II
Intro American Sign Language I
Intro American Sign Lang II
Introductory Korean I
Introductory Korean II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Intermediate Arabic I
Intermediate Arabic II
Intermediate ASL I
Intermediate ASL II
Introduction to Music
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Ethics
Social Ethics
Western Philosophy: Classical
Intro to the Study of Religion
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Survey of the New Testament
Area III – Natural Sciences & Mathematics
A. Complete the following:
MA 115Precal Algebra-Trigonometry3-4
B. Complete the following:
BLY 101
Life Science I
and Life Science I Laboratory
BLY 122
General Biology II
and General Biology II Laboratory
Area IV – History, Social & Behavioral Sciences see footnote table below 1
A. Select one of the following:3
HY of Western Civilization I
HY of Western Civilization II
World Civilization I
World Civilization II
US History to 1877
US History since 1877
B. Select three of the following:9
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Intro Archaeology-Bio Anthro
Prin of Microeconomics
Prin of Macroeconomics
People, Places, Environment
World Regional Geography
Intro to Gender Studies
HY of Western Civilization I
HY of Western Civilization II
World Civilization I
World Civilization II
US History to 1877
US History since 1877
Intro to US Government
Life Span Development
Introductory Sociology
Social Problems
Area V
A. Complete the following:
KIN 100Concepts of Health and Fitness3
B. Complete the following:
PE activity course1
Total Hours45-46



Students must complete a 6 credit hour sequence either in literature (Area II – EH 215 & EH 216, EH 225 & EH 226, or EH 235 & EH 236) or history (Area IV – HY 101 & HY 102 or HY 121 & HY 122 or HY 135 & HY 136)

Additional Information

E-portfolio and Assessment

Students enrolled in education classes are required to purchase a LiveText membership.

Teacher Candidacy – Secondary Education

This major contains a professional component (Candidacy) comprised of upper level education courses (300-400 levels), grouped into three semesters (as shown on graduation plan), and are only available to students who have gained admission to Teacher Candidacy.

Admission Requirements for Teacher Candidacy

Courses and GPA

  • Courses: CA 110, EH 101, EH 102, EDM 310, EDU 400, EPY 351, and 75% of Teaching Field (or no more than one semester of Teaching Field courses between methods and internship)
  • Hours: 60 credit hours of degree requirements completed
  • Minimum Grade Point Averages: 2.5 Program, 2.5 Professional Studies, 2.5 Teaching Field, and 2.5 USA GPA (all GPAs found in degree audit). No grade below a “C” is accepted in Professional Studies.

ALSDE Background Check

Application, Liability Insurance, and Interview

  • Completed and scheduled in the UCOM Advising Center during the semester prior to beginning Teacher Candidacy

Prerequisites and Certification/Graduation Requirements

Semester 1 of Teacher Candidacy: EDU 340 (Prerequisite Below)

  • Admission to Teacher Candidacy

Semester 2 of Teacher Candidacy: Methods Block (Fall Only-15 Credit Hours) (Prerequisites Below)

  • Successful Completion of EDU 340 with a Grade of C or better
  • GPAs at Admission Requirements Levels

Semester 3 of Teacher Candidacy: Internship (Prerequisites Below)

  • Praxis - Teaching Field Content Knowledge - Passing Score
  • Successful Completion of Methods Block with Grades of C or better
  • GPAs at Admission Requirement Levels
  • Student Teaching Application

Certification/Graduation Requirements

  • Successful Completion of Student Teaching
  • GPAs at Admission Requirement Level
  • Passing Score on edTPA
  • Application for Certification and Graduation

Secondary students will be required to participate in an opening of school experience during the fall immediately preceding either their methods block classes or their student teaching. This experience will take place at the beginning of the public school year which is prior to the beginning of U.S.A. classes.

Note: Praxis tests requirements are subject to change as prescribed by the ALSDE. Prior to registering for any Praxis exam, please verify current requirements by going directly to the Alabama portion of the ETS Praxis website at

Graduation Plan

(146 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EH 101 English Composition I (CP) 3
BLY 121 General Biology I (PR) 3
BLY 121L General Biology I Lab (PR) 1
Fine ArtsArea II, C 1 3
MA 112
Precalculus Algebra (PR, Area IV, B) 1
or Precal Algebra-Trigonometry
Social ScienceArea IV, B 1 3
EH 102 English Composition II (CP) 3
BLY 122 General Biology II (PR) 3
BLY 122L General Biology II Laboratory (PR) 1
HistoryArea IV, A 1 3
MA 113
Precalculus Trigonometry (PR)
or Precal Algebra-Trigonometry
KIN 100 Concepts of Health and Fitness 3
Second Year
CA 110 Public Speaking (CP) 3
CH 131 General Chemistry I (PR) 3
CH 131L General Chemistry I Lab (PR) 1
GEO 101 Environmental Geography 3
GEO 101L Environmental Geography Lab 1
LiteratureArea II, B 1 3
PE 101-PE 157PE Activity Course 1
BLY 301 Cell Biology 3
BLY 302 Genetics 3
CH 132 General Chemistry II (PR) 3
CH 132L General Chemistry II Lab (PR) 1
Social Science ElectiveArea IV, B 1 3
ST 210 Stat Reason and Application 3
Third Year
EDU 400 Edu Except Child and Youth (CP) 3
CH 201 Organic Chemistry I 3
CH 201L Organic Chemistry I Lab 1
PH 114 Physics with Algebra-Trig I (PR) 5
PH 114L Alg-Trig Based Physics I Lab (PR) 0
EPY 351 Human Growth & Development (CP) 3
BLY 300-BLY 499 ElectiveUpper Level Biology Course 4
BLY 300-BLY 499 ElectiveUpper Level Biology Course 4
PH 115 Physics with Algebra -Trig II 5
PH 115L Alg-Trig Based Physics II Lab 0
Fourth Year
EDM 310 Microcomputing Systems (CP) 3
BLY 300-BLY 499 ElectiveUpper Level Biology Course 4
BLY 300-BLY 499 ElectiveUpper Level Biology Course 4
PH 101 Introduction to Astronomy 4
PH 101L Introduction to Astronomy Lab 0
EDU 340 Fundamentals of Teaching - W (Spring or Summer Only) 2 3
BLY 300-BLY 499 ElectiveUpper Level Biology Course 4
History/Social Science ElectiveArea IV, B 1 3
Literature/Fine Arts or HumanitiesArea II, D 1 3
Fifth Year
EDU 341 Middle Level Education - W (Fall Only) 2 3
EDU 342 Secondary Field Experience (Fall Only) 2 3
EDU 363 Tchg Adptve Cur Thru Beh/Clsrm (Fall Only - Teaching Special Need Learners) 2 3
EDU 363 Tchg Adptve Cur Thru Beh/Clsrm (Fall Only - Content Area Literacy) 2 3
EDU 456 Teaching Science (Fall Only) 2 3
Apply for Graduation
EDU 468 Internship - Science 2 9
 Total Hours143

See General Education Requirements


Required for admission to Candidacy


  • (PR) Prerequisite for course(s) taking in next semester
  • (CP) Prerequisite for Candidacy
  • (W) Courses that satisfy USA writing requirement (2 required)