Studio Art (BFA) - Photography Concentration

Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements
Major Requirements54
Art Core21
A. Complete the following:
ARS 121Perceptual Drawing I3
ARS 122Perceptual Drawing II3
B. Complete the following:
ARS 123Two-Dimensional Design3
ARS 124Three-Dimensional Design3
C. Select two of the following:6
Figure Drawing I
Conceptual Drawing I
Figure Drawing II
Conceptual Drawing II
Figure Drawing III
Conceptual Drawing III
Color Theory
D. Select one of the following:3
Figure Drawing II
Conceptual Drawing II
Figure Drawing III
Conceptual Drawing III
Color Theory
Photography Concentration33
A. Complete the following:
ARS 281Intro to Photography3
B. Complete the following:
ARS 381Intermediate Photography I3
C. Complete the following:
ARS 382Intermediate Photography II3
D. Complete the following:
ARS 481Advanced Photography3
E. Select three of the following:9
Digital Silver Photography
Topics in Photography
Color Photography
Studies in Photography
Alternative Photo Processes
Photo Bookmaking
Special Topics
Directed Studies
F. Complete the following:
ARS 486Pre-Thesis in Photography3
G. Complete the following:
ARS 489Senior Thesis in Photography6
H. Complete the following:
ARS 396Professional Practices - W3
Secondary Concentration Requirement15
A secondary concentration is required for this program.
The secondary concentration is fifteen hours in a studio area different from the student's primary concentration for the BFA in Studio Art. Secondary concentrations are available in Ceramics, Glass, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinary Secondary concentration consists of 9 credits in one area and 6 credits in any combination of the other.

All undergraduates must complete two designated writing credit (W) courses, at least one must be in major or minor.

Additional Information

Requirements for a Double Primary Concentration

In lieu of a secondary concentration, students may complete a second primary concentration. This will require course work in excess of the 121 hours minimum required for the B.F.A. and may delay time to graduation. To complete a Double Primary Concentration, students must complete Primary Concentration requirements in two separate areas including Senior Thesis or Senior Portfolio where applicable.

Requirements for an Optional Minor

In addition to the completion of the Studio Art B.F.A. primary and secondary concentration requirements, students have the option to complete a minor in a discipline outside the department. The addition of a minor will require course work in excess of the 120 hours minimum required for the B.F.A. and may delay time to graduation.

Graduation Plan

(121 Total Hours)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
CAS 100 First Yr Exp - 2
ARH 103 Art History I 3
ARS 121 Perceptual Drawing I 3
EH 101 English Composition I 3
MA 110
Finite Mathematics
or Precalculus Algebra
ARS 281 Intro to Photography 3
ARS 122 Perceptual Drawing II 3
ARS 123 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ARS 381 Intermediate Photography I 3
EH 102 English Composition II 3
Area III, B Natural Science #1 4
Second Year
ARS 124 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ARS 382 Intermediate Photography II 3
ARSSecondary #1 of 5 3
ARH 123 Art History II 3
HY 101
HY of Western Civilization I (Area IV, A)
or World Civilization I
or US History to 1877
ARS 481 Advanced Photography 3
ARSSecondary #2 of 5 3
ARSDrawing course #1 of 3 3
CA 110 Public Speaking 3
HY 102
HY of Western Civilization II (Area IV, B - depending on which sequence you take)
or World Civilization II
or US History since 1877
Third Year
ARS 483 Color Photography (elective #1 of 3) 3
ARH 344 Contemporary Art (Fall only) 3
ARSSecondary #3 of 5 3
Area III, B Natural Science with Lab 2 4
Select one of the following (Area II, B): 3
Brit Lit before 1785
Brit Lit after 1785
Am Lit before 1865
Am Lit after 1865
World Lit before 1650
World Lit after 1650
ARS 485 Alternative Photo Processes (eelective #2 of 3) 3
ARSSecondary #4 of 5 3
ARHArt History elective #1 of 2 3
ARSDrawing course #2 of 3 3
Social/Behavioral Science #1 3
Fourth Year
ARS 486 Pre-Thesis in Photography 3
ARS 487 Photo Bookmaking 3
ARSUpper Level Drawing course #3 of 3 3
Area IV, B Social/Behavioral Science 2 3
ARS 396 Professional Practices - W (Fall only) 3
ARS 489 Senior Thesis in Photography 6
ARSSecondary #5 of 5 3
(W) course 3
ARHArt History elective #2 of 2 3
 Total Hours124

See General Education Requirements