Occupational Therapy (OTD)

Degree Requirements

The requirements for the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Degree include all of the following:

1- Students must pass with grade C or better each course within the OTD program

   ** Note the number of C grades allowed is very limited

2- Students must complete all 114 graduate credit hours with appropriate grades to meet graduate school and OT department requirements

3- Students must perform well on level II fieldwork and receive passing grades on two different rotations

4- Students must perform well and complete all aspects of the doctoral experience and the doctoral project to earn adequate grades on these courses as well

**The grading system for graduate-level includes "A", "B", "C", and "F". A minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 must be maintained throughout the program. A maximum of eight-semester credits OR two-course grades with the grade of "C" may be counted toward the OTD clinical degree program. Students who earn more than 8 credit hours of C grade or final C grade in more than 2 courses will be dismissed from the program. Students may, with the approval of the departmental faculty, repeat a course in which a "C" has been earned. Any grade lower than a "C" in any course will result in academic dismissal from the program.  

Students may appeal dismissal in accordance with the CAHP Appeals Process for Academic Dismissal, but reinstatement is not automatically granted and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Graduation Plan- 114 credit hours, two level II fieldwork rotations, DEC

 Year One Fall
*OTD 611 Occ in Context           3 cr
*OTD 612 Occ Development      4 cr
*OTD 613 OT Foundations         3 cr
OTD 614 NMS Assessment        1 cr
OTD 615 NMS Exp Learning      2 cr
*OTD 616 Applied Neuro            3 cr
OTD 617 Prof Dev Sem I           1 cr

  Total = 17 credits

Year One Spring

*OTD 621 OT Adults ADL-          2 cr

OTD 622 Adult Exp Learning      2 cr

*OTD 623 OT Psych/Cog           3 cr

*OTD 624 OT Peds ADL/IADL   2 cr
OTD 625 Peds Exp Learning     2 cr
*OTD 626 Scientific Inq. I           2 cr
*OTD 627 Research Design       1 cr
*OTD 628 OT Evaluation            3 cr

Total= 17 credits 

Year One Summer

OTD 630-FW I Psy/MH (Clinical)     1 cr
*OTD 631 OT Young Child               3 cr
*OTD 632 Documentation                3 cr
*OTD 633 Elective Course               1 cr
*OTD 634 Low Vision                       2 cr
*OTD 635 Technology                     3 cr
*OTD 681 Capstone Dev I               2 cr

Total= 15 credits

Year Two Fall

OTD 640-FW I Phys Dys (Clinical)   1 cr
*OTD 641 Sci Inquiry II                     2 cr
*OTD 642 Research Imp.                 1 cr
*OTD 643 School-Based OT            3 cr
*OTD 644 OT UE Inj/Work               2 cr
OTD 645 OT UE Exp Learning        2 cr
*OTD 646 OT Older Adults              2 cr
OTD 647 Older Adult Exp                2 cr
*OTD 648 IPP & Coll                       1 cr
*OTD 682 Capstone Dev II             1 cr
*OTD 683 Doc Project/Res I           1 cr

Total= 18 credits

Year Two Spring

OTD 650 FW I – General (Clinical)   1 cr
OTD 651 Prof Dev Seminar II           1 cr
*OTD 652 Management & Sup         3 cr
*OTD 653 OT Child/Adol.                  2 cr
*OTD 654 OT Acute Care                 2 cr
*OTD 655 OT and Wellness             3 cr
*OTD 656 Adv Prof Writing              2 cr
*OTD 657 Research Analysis          1 cr
OTD 658 Intervention Comps          2 cr
OTD 684 Capstone Dev. III              1 cr
*OTD 685 Doc Project/ Res II          1 cr

Total=  19 credits

Year Two Summer

OTD 660 FW II (A) (12-week clinical rotation)     6 cr

OTD 661 OT Clinical Practice (online)                 2 cr
OTD 686 Capstone Dev IV (online)                     1 cr

Total= 9 credits

Year Three Fall

OTD 670 FW II (B)- (12- week clinical rotation)  6 cr
OTD 671 Clinical Practice II (online)                   2 cr
OTD 687 Doc Project III (online)                         1 cr

Total= 9 credits

Year Three Spring

OTD 680 DEC Experience (14-week capstone rotation)  8 cr
*OTD 688 Research Project Dissemination                     2 cr

Total= 10 credits

* means web-blended course

Total  Overall= 114 credits