Applied Statistics Graduate Certificate

Degree Requirements

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics will offer a new graduate certificate in applied
statistics starting Fall 2023.

The Graduate Certificate program in Applied Statistics is a four-course program that can be
completed in three to four semesters alongside a graduate degree program in another
discipline or as a stand-alone program by working professionals interested in expanding their
knowledge in analyzing and interpreting data. It will prepare students for the job market where
data analyses skills are preferred. It is aimed to:

  • Provide knowledge of designing studies for data collection in a variety of situations.
  • Educate students about assumptions behind different statistical methods and how to check them.
  • Prepare students to identify appropriate statistical analyses techniques for given situations.
  • Prepare students to perform basic statistical data analysis needed for their research.

Pre-requisite is a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Students will be required to complete 12
hours of class work, from which two courses (ST 540 and ST 545) are mandatory and the other
two are to be chosen form the courses listed below. Twelve hours of course work must be
completed with no grade lower than “B”. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required to obtain the
certificate. Possible courses are:

Required Courses
ST 540Stat in Research I3
ST 545Stat in Research II3
Elective Courses
Select two of the following: see footnote table below 16
Appl Stat for Clinical Trials
Environmental Statistics
Categorical Data
Appl Desgn & Analysis of Exper
Stat Computing and Graphics
Stat Learning Tech in Data Sc
Nonparametric Modeling
Sp Topic:
Total Hours12

For further information about the program contact

Dr. Huybrechts Bindele
phone: (251) 460-7294



Elective courses should be chosen based on students' professional goals.