Meteorology Minor

Degree Requirements

If a minor is required in your degree program, at least 9 (lower and/or upper-division) hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University.

Minor in Meteorology

A student must take 20 semester hours of Meteorology including  

MET 140
Introduction to Meteorology
and Intro to Meteorology Lab
MET 353General Meteorology4
MET 443Climatology - W3
Select nine hours of electives from the following:9
Tropical Weather Discussion (see footnote table below) 1
Severe Weather
Dynamic Meteorology I
Dynamic Meteorology II
Physical Meteorology
Meteorological Instrumentation
Radar Meteorology
Introduction to TV Weather
Satellite Metorology
Weather Forecasting I
Weather Forecasting II
MET Phenomenology - W
Computer Apps in Earth Science
Mesoscale Meteorology
Air Pollution Meteorology
Tropical Meteorology
Applied Climatology - W
Broadcast Meteorology Pract I
Total Hours20



MET 191 may be taken up to 3 times for credit but will only count once toward the meteorology minor.