Double/Second Majors

Double Majors

Undergraduate students may elect to fulfill the requirements for two majors concurrently. To do so, the student must declare a primary major and a secondary major on the Declaration of Program form that is filed with the Registrar's Office. Students who declare a double major must participate in academic advising in each major. Completion of a minor is not required of students completing two majors. Students who declare two majors from different colleges will be required to fulfill all requirements for each major and to fulfill all degree requirements, including those for general education, that apply in the college of the primary major. Students who complete requirements for two majors from different colleges will be awarded the degree granted by the college of the primary major, and transcripts will designate that both the primary and secondary majors were completed.

Second Major

Students who have been awarded a baccalaureate degree at the University of South Alabama may return to study for a second major as a non-degree student (see unclassified). Such students must fulfill the following requirements to have a second major recorded on their academic record:

  1. They must be enrolled in the college in which the major is administered.
  2. They must meet all the requirements of the second major.
  3. At least half the total number of hours required for the second major must be satisfactorily completed in residence at the University of South Alabama.
  4. At least nine hours of the work in the second major satisfactorily completed in residence at the University of South Alabama must be in addition to work completed as part of the bachelor's degree.
  5. The appropriate dean's office is responsible for notifying the Registrar's office of satisfactory completion of the second major.

When these requirements have been met, a notation will be entered on the student's record to indicate that the student has "completed work equivalent to a major in _____". Students completing a major equivalency in this fashion may not apply the additional coursework toward a second bachelor's degree.


The purpose of a minor program is to specify a set of courses that provide a degree of content mastery in a discipline or coherent interdisciplinary field. Ordinarily, a minor program consists of a minimum of 18 hours with at least 9 hours at the upper-division level. Exceptions to the 9 upper-division hours in a minor may occur when the prerequisite sequence for a minor requires more than 9 hours of lower-division courses. Minors approved prior to December 3, 2014 are exempted from the minimums identified above. A minimum of 9 credit hours of courses in the minor must be completed at the University of South Alabama.