Clinical and Counseling Psychology (PhD)

Degree Requirements

Program Completion Requirements

A minimum of 66 credit hours of doctoral level courses taken at the University of South Alabama is required for the doctoral degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology.

Core Courses
IDE 630Quantitative Methods III (Multivariate Statistics in Psychology)3
CCP 780Applied Health Psychology3
CCP 758Psychology Resilience & Trauma3
PSY 512Adv History/Systems Psychology3
CCP 795Multicultural Counseling3
CCP 766Clinical Supervision3
CCP 759Group and Systems Theory3
PSY 556Practicum9
CCP 756Practicum Therapy9
CCP 782Advanced Practicum6
CCP 797Psychology Internship3
CCP 799Dissertation Research9
Elective Courses
Elective courses as approved by the Director of Clinical Training9
Total Hours66

Note: This list above represents the minimum requirements for completion of the doctoral program of studies. A student may be required or elect to take additional course work in a specific area if needed to enhance skills or to support an area of specialization. Each candidate for the Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology takes practicum courses in the psychological clinic and must also complete a one-year internship in an accredited facility. The internship is taken after completion of coursework and passing of the doctoral preliminary exam, and is a degree requirement.