Professional Health Sciences (PRH)

PRH 310  Intro into Health Care Mgmt  3 cr  

This course provides students with an introduction to Health Care Management. Theoretical concepts and issues will be discussed and examined in order to provide students with a conceptual basis for understanding and analyzing health care systems and organizations. Particular emphasis will be placed on system components, system integration and the roles and reponsibilities of management and leadership in health care organizations.

PRH 320  Legal/Law in Health Care Admin  3 cr  

This course will provide a general overview of the origins of law in the United States with particular emphasis on health laws and regulations affecting pre-hospital providers. Topics include issues relating to malpractice, litigation, consent and refusal of medical treatment, advanced directives, patient confidentiality, and expert witness preparation, among others.

Prerequisite: EH 102 or EH 104  
PRH 340  Disaster Mgt & Event Planning  3 cr  

Considerations of the theoretical and practical foundations necessary to manage incidents involving multiple casualties and multiple agencies as well as the planning and management of other large-scale events. Topics include disaster planning, incident command, WMD, response issues, and scene control, among others.

PRH 401  Seminar in Health Professions  3 cr  

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of different health professions and their scope of practice and also to provide information about health administration.

PRH 440  Health Insurance/Managed Care  3 cr  

This course provides an overview of the basic concepts and principles in the health insurance and managed care environments. Particular emphasis will be placed on issues relating to the costs, quality and access to Health Care. Topics include Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, Managed Care contracting and Quality Management, among others.

PRH 460  Issues & Trends in Health Care  3 cr  

Explores issues and trends at the federal, state and local levels facing Health Care leaders and organizations. Particular emphasis is on new and proposed programs, policies and practices which affect Health Care providers.

PRH 475  Health Care Mgt Internship  3 cr  

Structured field experience providing the student to work in a health care administration, management or educational environment; observation of leadership processes within a health care organization; application of leadership theory and techniques.

Prerequisite: PRH 310 Minimum Grade of C