Princ of Found Medicine - MD (PFM)

PFM 120  Princ of Foundation Medicine  7 cr  

Principles of Foundational Medicine introduces the principles of basic and clinical sciences and lays the foundation for medical practice. It provides students with tools to effectively master application-based material in the subsequent systems-based modules. Students will develop the ability to identify key principles of human health and disease in both the internal biologic milieu and the external environment. Basic mechanisms of human biology, psychology and social systems are developed, as all are essential to clinical reasoning, problem solving, patient-centered care and systems-based practice. Throughout this module students will engage in lectures, team-based learning sessions, independent study and clinical experiences. These activities will provide students with opportunities to strengthen communication skills, observe and participate in systems-based practice, and exercise practice-based learning techniques in a variety of settings that require and foster professional behavior and personal integrity.