Neuroscience and Behavior - MD (NSB)

NSB 240  Neuroscience and Behavior  12 cr  

Neuroscience and Behavior concludes the pre-clerkship curriculum as a 12-week module designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand and evaluate normal function, disease processes, injuries and psychiatric disorders of the human nervous system. The first 10 weeks study focus on the anatomy, biology and function of the central and peripheral nervous systems as students learn the diagnostic methods and criteria, pathophysiology and treatments of prevalent and prototypical neurologic injuries and disorders. Training shifts in the final two weeks to behavioral science as students learn about the classification, clinical presentation, psychopathology and treatment of prevalent psychiatric conditions. Upon completion of the module, students will have a fundamental understanding of the structure and function of the human nervous system, the clinical manifestations of common neurologic and psychiatric disorders, and treatments for these conditions. Students will learn to take an accurate neurologic history, conduct the essential elements of the neurologic exam, perform a psychiatric assessment, and develop interpersonal skills and professional attitudes expected in the practice of neurology and psychiatry.