Native American Studies (NAS) (NAS)

NAS 101  Intro Native American Studies  3 cr  

This course is designed to provide a general introduction to Native American Studies. The class will explore a range of topics covering historical and contemporary issues from the perspective of Native Americans.

NAS 390  Directed Studies-  1-6 cr  

Directed Studies consists of readings or projects relating to Native American Studies chosen by the student and completed under direct supervision of the course director.

NAS 490  Special Topics -  3 cr  

An investigation of issues and concepts in Native American Studies for advanced undergraduate students. May be repeated, when content varies, for a total of six hours.

NAS 496  Internship Native Am Studies  3-6 cr  

Internship in Native American Studies allows the student to combine academic learning with practical experience as an intern with a position relevant to Native American Studies.