Mathematics for College (MTH) (MTH)

MTH 100  Essentials for Precalculus  3 cr  

This course covers the foundations required for success in Precalculus Algebra. This course will provide an introduction to manipulating and solving algebraic expression, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities. Graphing functions, lines, piecewise functions, and quadratics will be explored. The algebraic manipulation of exponents, logarithms, rational and radical expressions, and polynomials will be discussed. Practical applications and problem solving are also included.

Corequisite: MA 112  
MTH 101  College Algebra  4 cr  

This course combines Introductory Algebra and Intermediate College Algebra. Topics include fractions, percents, and order of operations. Various forms of linear equations manipulated; the solutions and graphs of linear equations and linear inequalities explored. Also included, rate of change, functions and graphs, piecewise-defined functions, solutions to absolute value inequalities expressed in set and interval notation, and systems of inequalities. Simplification of rational expressions, operations on rational and radical expressions, and solutions to rational and radical equations explored. Quadratic expressions factored and solutions to quadratic equations by factoring and graphing. Practical applications to problem solving are included. Pre-requisite: None. Credit for both MTH 100, MTH 101 and MTH 105 is not allowed.