Master of Bus Admin (MBA) (MBA)

MBA 501  Analysis using Info Sys  3 cr  

Advanced management requieres the ability datasets, interpret data with datasets and calculate statistics from data. This course covers all the process of building, interpreting, calculating data and finally making decisions on the outcomes of that process. A significant part of the grade in this course comes from decision making exercises.

MBA 502  Managing Accounting Info  3 cr  

This course focuses on making decisions using Accounting information which includes how to generate relevant and appropriate data and how to use accounting analysis to enhance success in making decisions.

Prerequisite: ACC 211 Minimum Grade of C  
MBA 503  Managing in the Bus. Env't  3 cr  

The course evaluates managerial decisions in a business environment impacted by ethical considerations, sustainability, social responsibility and stakeholder interests. The course also focuses on developing student skills in communication.

Prerequisite: ECO 215 Minimum Grade of C  
MBA 504  Customers & Supply Chains  3 cr  

This MBA course focuses on the role of customers and vendors on organizations. The course uses projects and decision scenarios to address the issues that result from managing supply chains and customer relationships.

MBA 505  Managing People  3 cr  

This MBA course emphasizes the role of people within an organization and the issues and the decisions related to managing human assets. The course develops a number of techniques and scenarios that emphasize the importance of effective human resource management.

Prerequisite: MGT 300 Minimum Grade of C  
MBA 506  Managing Finance and Capital  3 cr  

Business managers must have a strong grasp of the role of finance and capital in the organization. The course focuses on establishing a strong knowledge base and the key decisions needed to be a successful manager.

Prerequisite: FIN 315 Minimum Grade of C  
Cross-Listed: FIN 509  
MBA 507  Managing Strategic Decisions  3 cr  

The MBA Capstone course emphasizes decision making in a strategic context and builds upon all the courses taken prior to and concurrently with the course. The course includes decisions at the strategy development and strategy execution level. The evaluation exercises include an assessment of ethical, socially, responsible, and sustainability issues.

Corequisite: MGT 599  
MBA 590  Special Topics  3 cr  

The MBA Program includes courses that are designed to allow students the opportunity to learn management skills and applications through non-traditional formats. This course is designed to achieve that objective. Subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate studies.