Jewish & Holocaust Stds (JHS) (JHS)

JHS 101  Intro to Jewish Studies  3 cr  

This course is a requirement for all Jewish & Holocaust Studies minors and will introduce students to methods, questions, and concerns within these fields. Students will be provided with an overview of Jewish history as well as how Jewish history first came to be an historical field of inquiry. Students will also be given an overview of the Holocaust, other genocides, and genocidal violence. Students will then be introduced to various approaches in Jewish and Holocaust Studies. This course will help students formulate ideas for research topics related to the class and will show them how and why a Jewish & Holocaust Studies minor may be able to help them in future endeavors.

JHS 390  Special Topics -  3-9 cr  

Special topics and their development, illustration appropriate methodologies in Jewish studies. May be repeated twice for credit when content varies for a maximum of nine hours.

JHS 494  Directed Studies  1-3 cr  

Directed Individual Study. Requires approval of department chair.