Hematology and Host Defense-MD (HHD)

HHD 120  Hematology and Host Defense  10 cr  

The Hematology and Host Defense Module covers the hematologic system that constitutes blood and the immune system that defends the body against infection. Both of these systems affect all organ systems and are critical for human health. The module will focus on fundamental knowledge regarding the normal development, structure and function of the hematologic and immune systems, how these systems interface with infectious agents and how defects in these systems cause health problems such as anemia, cancer, immunodeficiency, allergy, autoimmunity and infection. Thus, the module will equip students to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying each disorder and will develop their ability to deliver appropriate patient care through proper diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of these diseases. Throughout the module, students will engage in lectures, active learning sessions, independent study and clinical experiences. These activities will provide students with opportunities to strengthen communication skills, observe and participate in systems-based practice and exercise practice-based learning techniques in a variety of settings that require and foster professional behavior and personal integrity.