Higher Education (HED) (HED)

HED 501  Digital Leader  3 cr  

This course will explore the role of digital media, including social media, in higher education administration.

HED 503  Higher Ed Finance  3 cr  

This course will examine national, state and local economic factors and their impact upon budgeting and financial management work of higher education administrators/leaders.

HED 603  Current Probs Higher Education  3 cr  

Analysis of current issues affecting higher education.

HED 611  Human Relations in Higher Edu  3 cr  
HED 621  Program and Curriculum Develop  3 cr  

Designed to assess and improve the student's level of competency in program development skills, instructional strategies, systems analysis, and change innovation.

HED 631  Sem Higher Ed Mgt Skills  3 cr  

Designed to assess and improve the student's knowledge of decision making styles, problem-solving processes, leadership skills, implementation of organizational change, and physical environments which promote productivity, all in the context of higher education.

HED 701  Adv Org Theory for Higher Edu  3 cr  

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth exploration of organizational theories and models and organizational approaches in higher education. Topics covered include administrative structure and leadership, accountability and change.

HED 702  Higher Ed Finance  3 cr  

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of finance in higher education. The overview will include the financial benefits of higher education, access and affordability issues, state and federal funding, price-setting, tuition discounting, merit aid, sources of revenue and expenditures, cost-cutting measures, budgeting and college athletics.

HED 703  Adv Leadership for Higher Ed  3 cr  

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth exploration of leadership theories and models. Students will create a personal knowledge base from which to create a plan to develop or revise a leadership perspective.

HED 704  Current Issues in Higher Ed  3 cr  

This course offers an in-depth analysis of current issues in and challenges to higher education.

HED 707  Multiculturalism and Organizational Change in Higher Education  3 cr  

Students will examine the role of University leaders, at Universities and diverse student populations, and study strategies and organizational models relative to the solution of problems associated with the implementation of organizational diversity plans.

HED 732  Ethics and Law for Higher Ed  3 cr  

An examination of ethical and legal issues present in higher education.

HED 6313  Sem Higher Ed Mgt Skills  3 cr