Gender Studies (GS) (GS)

GS 101  Intro to Gender Studies  3 cr  

This course provides an interdisciplinary, multicultural overview of the concept of gender and gender roles in patriarchal society. This course examines the social construction of gender in our society and how that has shaped such areas as economics, politics, cultural/social values, and the impact upon women and men in historical and contemporary terms.

GS 290  Sp Tp-#MeToo, Black Lives Matter & Beyond  3 cr  

Study of selected topics with an area in gender studies. May be repeated for credit when content varies.

GS 301  Moving Beyond Diversity  3 cr  

This course explores ways of fighting injustice and dismantling systemic oppression for those who are being disproportionately impacted generationally. The course offers a framework for activism that focuses on creating a culture that stands up for what is right by fighting against normalizing cycles of perpetuated injustices. Students will examine diverse perspectives that center on the capacity to mobilize solidarity for those efforts, strategies, and practices that negate performative allyship with systems-changing action for today?s realities.

GS 302  Black Women and Activism  3 cr  

This fully online three-hour credit course is interdisciplinary in nature and addresses the need to recognize and validate contributions made by Black women that sought and continue to uplift Black America throughout the late 19th and early 21st centuries. This cadre of activism will be contextualized through both womanist and feminist theories. Central to these works will be an examination for how multiple oppressions have shaped Black women?s lives throughout their ongoing efforts to redefine self and bring empowerment to their communities through racial solidarity and advancement as a people. These women?s underlying resistance strategies and intellectual discourse for offsetting the negative effects of racism and other oppressive measures will be mirrored through the use of race and gender as a socio-political construct. A postmodern response depicted through the lens of contemporary Black feminists for how both mainstream feminism and Black America have responded to these heroic forms of activism will be analyzed. These activists? contributions will unfold through the following curricula foci: 1) early roots of nationalism, 2) the emergence of both Black Feminist and Womanist Thought, and 3) political movements involving Black women activists. Additional cornerstones for learning will include participating in a posting process that involve sharing research and writing projects which in return will facilitate lively discussions on today?s black women activism from their own respective domain (e.g. music, spirituality, film, arts and letters, judicial system, the intellectual and socio-political arenas).

GS 304  #Me Too, Black Lives Matter &  3 cr  

The velocity of national protests fighting for human rights across the constitutional continuum of justice, dignity, and safety have evolved into an epidemic throughout American infrastructures. This course will plunge into the #MeToo Era, Black Lives Matter, and Woke Movements. Significant visibility for how social constructs of gender, race, and sexuality intersect with these protesters? outcries will be examined. Further considerations will be given to exposing those accused of sexual violence on various fronts as well as existing allegations of wrongful deaths will be a part of the course curriculum. An added dimension to the curriculum will include also focusing on political strategies and an operative activism model that are being used to effectively penetrate these existing cultures of power and dominance.

GS 390  Special Topics  3 cr  

Advanced study of selected topics with an area in gender studies. May be repeated for credit when content varies.

GS 490  Special Topics  3 cr  

Advanced study of selected topics within an area in Gender Studies. May be repeated for credit when content varies for a total of six hours.

GS 492  Gender Studies Seminar -  3 cr  

Advanced study of selected topics in Gender Studies. May be repeated for credit when content varies for a total of six hours.

GS 494  Directed Studies  1-3 cr  

Directed research under the guidance of a Gender Studies faculty member. Requires permission of instructor. Student is restricted to taking a maximum of six hours of Directed Studies.

Prerequisite: GS 101 Minimum Grade of D  
GS 496  Internship -  3-6 cr  

Practical learning through occupational or community work with an approved agency dealing with gender-related issues. Readings and final report supervised by gender studies faculty. Special Permission required.

Prerequisite: GS 101 Minimum Grade of D