Environmental Toxicology (EXT) (EXT)

EXT 515  Environmental Toxicology  4 cr  

Introduction to the scientific and technical principles of toxicological processes in the context of the ecosystem. Students will understand both the types of major environmental toxicants and how to properly evaluate their toxicity and factors that influence toxicity. Students will recognize and coherently formulate risk assessment and by using the tools and techniques acquired, develop and communicate proposals for remedy.

Prerequisite: (BLY 301 Minimum Grade of C and BLY 302 Minimum Grade of C) and (CH 201 Minimum Grade of C and CH 202 Minimum Grade of C) and (CH 540 Minimum Grade of B and CH 541 Minimum Grade of B)  
Cross-Listed: CH 515, MAS 515  
EXT 594  Directed Studies  1-6 cr  

Students pursue a research project under the direction of a graduate faculty member. The course requires special permission from the program director, to make sure that the study is in line with the curriculum that the student is pursuing.

EXT 599  Research Thesis  1-8 cr  

Research project directed by a member of the graduate faculty. Prerequisite: Approval of research prospectus by the graduate committee.