Ear, Nose & Throat - MD (ENT)

ENT 201  Ear, Nose & Throat  3 cr  

This module uses an integrated curriculum of basic science and clinical material to develop the student?s knowledge and ability to describe and diagnose conditions of the head and neck from cranial fossa to larynx. We will use team-based and small-group learning exercises, lectures, anatomy labs, hands-on clinical skills labs, independent learning, clinical experiences and radiological imaging. The module will begin with an introduction to head and neck embryology. This will contrast the abnormal with normal development. In the anatomical segment, students will study the 12 cranial nerves as related to head and neck structures and learn to recognize the signs and symptoms resulting from nerve lesions. In addition, the students will learn the microbiology, physiology and pharmacology of the upper respiratory region. The goal of this module is to provide pre-clerkship medical students with a comprehensive pathophysiologic understanding of the head and neck. The knowledge and skills acquired in this module will ultimately enable students to appropriately evaluate, diagnose, treat and manage a broad spectrum of head and neck injuries and/or illnesses during their clinical years and beyond.