Endocrine/Reproductive - MD (ENR)

ENR 220  Endocrine & Reproductive  8 cr  

The Endocrine/Reproductive Module will enable students to acquire and apply knowledge of human development and reproduction and endocrine homeostasis. Lectures, small-group discussions, self-study, laboratory work, clinical experiences and patient simulation exercises will be utilized to advance the students? understanding of the embryological and anatomical development of the reproductive tract as well as its physiological function, as well as the evaluation of the clinical presentation, prevention and treatment of male and female reproductive disorders, sexually transmitted infections, and breast diseases. Students will participate in small group discussions of human sexuality and sexual dysfunction. They will also develop their clinical examination skills working with instructors trained in teaching female pelvic and breast exam and male genital examinations. In the latter portion of the course, students will apply knowledge of endocrinology to discuss the role of hormones in development, growth, and metabolism as well as understand the pathology of endocrine disorders. Students will participate in small group conferences on diabetes, adrenal, thyroid, and calcium disorders as well as participate in clinical skills exercises in which these disorders are recognized.