Cardiorespiratory Care (CRC) (CRC)

CRC 360  Entry-Level Exam Review  2 cr  

This course is designed to assist students prepare for the Entry-Level Examination (ELE) offered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC). All the respiratory therapy equipment, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic interventions, medications, and related procedures relevant to the NBRC ELE will be reviewed in the form of practice examinations. The entry-level examination matrix will be used as the main resource for this course.

CRC 429  Cardiovascular Physiology  2 cr  

Discusses the physiology of the heart and the vasculature. Will serve as the basis for understanding cardiovascular pathophysiology.

CRC 432  Subacute Care  3 cr  

This course will focus on cases involving patients who are treated in nursing homes, subacute care facilities, rehabilitation programs, and the home. Topics will include health care settings and organization, polysomnography, subacute mechanical ventilation, and case management. Students will discuss the health promotion and disease prevention aspects of each case. Relevant laboratory exercises will be conducted.