Career Planning (CP) (CP)

CP 101  Freshman Sem-Continuing Educ  2 cr  

A course for first-time students that assists with maximizing the student's potential to achieve academic success and to adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges presented by college life. This course provides an introduction to the nature of higher education and a general orientation to the functions and resources of the University. Extensive reading and writing assignments relevant to the student's first year experience are required.

CP 250  Career Planning and Develop  3 cr  

Principles, methods, and practice in career planning and development with emphasis on career information, self-analysis, exploration of careers, career opportunities, guidelines for goal achievement.

CP 450  The Job Campaign  3 cr  

Practical approach to career development designed to help students develop strategies for obtaining suitable employment and making career choices. Emphasis is on the principles, methods, and practice in achieving career goals through the study of careers, preparing resumes, writing letters of application, practicing job interview techniques, and identifying prospective employers.

Cross-Listed: IST 450