Anesthesiology - MD (ANY)

ANY 400  Anesthesiology Externship  1-6 cr  

To be determined.

ANY 401  Anesthesiology Elec/In-House  1-8 cr  

To become proficient in the management of the adult airway. This includes mask ventilation, endotracheal intubations, and laryngeal mask placement.

ANY 444  Spec Elec - Anesthesiology  1-4 cr  

To be prepared by the student in conjunction with the Course Director and approved by the Vice Dean before course can be added to schedule. This course is designed to offer students and faculty/clinical faculty an opportunity to develop electives which are not offered in the Electives Manual. Such an elective may be made permanent and printed in the next edition of the Elective Manual at the request of the Course Director and with the approval of the Curriculum Committee. At the discretion of the Vice Dean, this elective may count as the required "in-house" elective.